International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend – ILLW

Normally held on the 3rd full weekend in August

This Years dates: 0001 UTC 17 AUGUST 2024 TO 2400 UTC 18 AUGUST 2024 (48 hours)

The purpose of this event is to promote public awareness of lighthouses and lightships and their need for preservation and restoration, and at the same time to promote amateur radio and to foster international goodwill as well as remembering the dedication of those who served as lighthouse keepers.

What we do:

1) Operate amateur radio transceivers from multiple area lighthouses and attempt to contact as many amateur stations including other lighthouses/lightships both nationally and internationally as possible.

2) Serve as ambassadors of amateur radio to any who may visit the lights from which we operate.


This year K8L we will be operating from:

1) Eagle Harbor Lighthouse  US0017